Saturday, February 11, 2017

Welcome Home!

Once upon a time, my parents moved back to Maine from Texas, and bought a house sight unseen because someone (ok, me) said it would be perfect for them.

Or, perfect once all the smoke and cat dander filled carpets were removed, walls/floors/ceilings washed, every surface covered with 12 gallons of Kilz (which is basically the worst smelling, most goopy, nasty stuff ever), asbestos tiles covered, and all the walls and ceilings painted.

So back in November we had a giant workday, and many many friends and family came and worked their butts off to get the house habitable for my mom. And after a couple more weeks of work, the house was finally move in ready! Then the holidays were here, and life was far to busy to take pictures . . . and life is still busy now, but I finally took ONE after picture with my iPhone today, so here you go! One is better than none, right? More to come, I promise!

A reminder of the before:

I wish I was going to get free coffee for plugging Starbucks (but I'm not)... this post was brought to you by COFFEE. Vast amounts of coffee. Consumed by the gallon for several crazy weeks. Mostly really crappy Walmart brand coffee, with the occasional Starbucks latte supplementing the Wally World sludge.


All that coffee-fueled hard work paid off! A huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard, your efforts were very much appreciated. 

And now the plug for Inspired Interiors... give me a call for all your decor needs! I'll see beyond the dated wallpaper and wall to wall carpet and guide you to a fresh, new, relaxing, welcoming home. Not local? Not a problem! We can do a consult from a distance with today's technology.

(And yes, Molly, all that trim is getting painted White Dove...)

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