Saturday, May 25, 2013

'Lil fashion plate

Ever since Sophia has easy access to her now low-hanging clothes in the closet, she has relished the opportunity to choose her own clothes each day.  Every morning she stands before the open closet, hemming and hawing over just what outfit she should wear that day.  I love to see the combinations she comes up with, and can finally see why "that kid" at Walmart is dressed in crazy stripes and plaids . . . not worth the battle!

A week in the life of Sophia's clothing choices . . .




Yes, pajama pants.  Eh, it was Saturday.


This was one of my favorites . . . shirt tied around the waist, with a twist!


Love the backward skirt!



The most fun part of chronicling Sophia's wardrobe choices was how she got into the photo shoot as the week went on.  Tough to pare down the selection as she had so many great moves!  "Work it, Sophia!"  Today (the last photos with the pink sweatshirt) she was dancing her way thru the shoot . . . what fun to do this with her!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another first!

Lots of firsts have made their way onto my blog . . . first steps, first food, first birthday . . . but this first has nothing to do with my kids.  What first might this be?

My first slipcover!

I finished it last Thursday evening, and couldn't be more pleased with the final result.


My goal was for the cover to look more upholstery than slipcover, and it does have a nice snug fitted look. 

What's next?!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teeth and ladybugs

I think I need to start seeing things thru Sophia's eyes.


Like the stupid fake ladybugs that invade the house every year, those little miniature springtime stinkbombs.  Sophia loves them.

As I try to discreetly vacuum or crush them, she ooo's and ahhh's over each one she finds.  She yells at her brother and cries when he gleefully mashes them, mourning the loss of each little critter like it was her best friend.


"Look at this little one! Isn't he so cute?!"


"Come on, little guy.  Oh, look, he's coming to me!"


Last month Sophia fell and hit her mouth on the kitchen floor (slipped on a Cinderella dress!) and had to go to the dentist for an x-ray.

She was so excited it was hard to keep her calm.  She cried when I told her she had to wait a couple hours, and then kept asking me if it was time to go.  "Firsts" are fun, you know!

"Will I get a surprise?"

We came home with a good report and a full goodie bag, and one very happy little girl.


I am just not feeling so excited about the dentist these days.  Having to pay for not one, but now TWO root canals and crowns in one month (John and I apparently have to do everything together) . . . unhappy surprises.

In the spirit of being grateful, here's what is good about two root canals:

1.  Weird bonding experience for John and I.  (Remember when we both flooded the bathroom within the same week?  The living room ceiling sure does!)

2.  We have access to a good dentist, and can actually have said root canal unlike a fairly large percentage of the world's population.

3.  Similar to #2, we don't exactly have the money for multiple root canals, but I have a job where I can work a little extra to pay for them.  Being a nurse does come in handy.

4.  Ok, there really isn't a fourth, but three seemed so bare.  Ooo, I know!  The goody bag!  I'll come home with a new toothbrush, the fancy floss, and expired coupons for expensive mouth stuff.  Hmmm, maybe I should ask for the kid bag . . .
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