Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bring out the capris!

Spring in Maine is tricky . . . one day it's blue skies and balmy temps with melting snow, and the next is glowering clouds and frigidness again.  Fortunately, unlike the groundhog, I know the true test of spring.  Forget shadows and who might or might not be seeing them.  Just what is the real test of spring?

When you can wear running capris on a morning run and your calves don't loose feeling and fall off after a mile.

That said, I am pleased to report . . . spring has sprung!

I do have to admit, when I wore my capris on Monday, it was mostly because I couldn't find my running tights and didn't want to wear my running pants.  I know, there might be some confusion about the difference for you non-runners, but running tights and running pants are not the same thing.  And I am tired of wearing my baggy saggy running pants after many months of double layers.

So I capri'd it.

And it was good!  I felt light and free, and not at all cold.  I bounded over the Auburn sidewalks, past Walmart, and up the hill a mile from home.  I felt strong, with a nice running-capris-in-spring high.

Never mind that we had flurries yesterday.  And that the flower Sophia plucked from who knows where in our yard seems to have been the only one in existence.  And that today is (yet again) too cold to take the kids to the park.

Spring is here!

I have been feeling a little bit guilty for the past couple days, despite my optimistic proclamation of warmer things to come, and feel that I must confess.

I put the snow shovels and salt away in the shed out back.

I know, I know!  Murphy's Law and all that.  But my optimism extends to preparing for rain, not snow.  Now I have a couple little shelves set up on the porch to hold rain boots and bubbles and sidewalk chalk . . . the shovels didn't fit, and had to go.  Porch mini-makeover pics to come in a future (soon!) post.

Need further proof that spring is here?  We took our inaugural trip to the neighborhood park last week!  We pushed our luck a little bit by going again the next day, when it was a little cooler and Jude faceplanted in a puddle upon our arrival, cutting our trip VERY short.

But the first day was perfect!  And I am sooooo glad that Jude is finally of an age to enjoy the park, instead of sitting on his bum eating mulch.  Though I suppose he enjoyed eating mulch, it was just his mama that minded.









Happy spring!!!

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