Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jesiccas Strange Rocking Horse

Digging thru the basement, I came across a bunch of cards, papers, and school records from my childhood. The best thing I found? My first short story, painstakingly typed out at age 6 1/2. I laughed so hard . . . I remember being so excited to use a typewriter, it was so much more fun than just writing by hand.

Now, this is no great fiction, but I decided it merits a blog post anyhow. Here you go, folks, "Jessicas Strange Rocking Horse" in all its glory! (Errors in spelling and grammar included, of course!)

In the house of one hundred rooms
Jessicka was going to the nursry
But she took the roung turn
she went left instead of right She
went down a long dark and narrow passage
The doors were marked numbers first 25 then
26 27 28 29 30
At the end of the hall there was a door
it said:

Nur ey

She opun the door She was suprised to see
a girl in the room about her age to
Who are you? asked Jesicka skweaked
Who are you? the other girl skweaked
back I asked you first (We will call
Jesicka Janet)
Janet said OK Im Jennifer call me Jenny
OK Suddunly somthing caute Janets
eye It was red She looked It was a door
Weres that go? she asked ub ub uh uh
she said over and over Oh come on you
have to know or you would not do that
Oh shall have to show you But you shall
have to keep it a sekret WY Shhh Jenny
slowly and opun a door There was a rocking
horse Wate is so big obout it?
she asked Jenny

There you have it. I hope none of you are disappointed that I have no idea what happened after Jessica/Jesicka/Janet found the rocking horse.



Beth said...

I, for one, am impressed with the length. Nice work, 1st grade Laurel! :)

Anonymous said...

Love this! I remember the thrill of the typewriter, as well... I love that we switch from Jessica (Jesicka) to Janet and then immediately to Jennifer, and then Jenny, for no apparent reason, mid-way through the story. So cute!


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