Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I need to take advantage of the Cuddler snoozing away upstairs and the Snuggler actually playing by herself in the other room . . . time to whip out a post!

Thanks to a link shared by Aunt Patsy, Sophia has been commandeering the computer all week. Not for videos, she is still not allowed to watch anything except when she is sick due to her spectacular temper tantrums. No, she is newly addicted to the Barnes and Noble's online storytime link. Her very favorites are "Ladybug Girl at the Beach" and yes, "Pinkalicious."

I had heard of "Pinkalicious," by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann, before . . . but now I have heard it read aloud not once but approximately 50 million times. I know that's a lot, but I'm pretty sure I'm not exaggerating.

The story is about a little girl who eats so many pink cupcakes that she actually turns pink, and the only cure is to eat green vegetables. Sophia seems to have the pink part down, but is not so very interested in the green vegetable part. Maybe someday.

So, in the interests of making memories and being a fun mom (instead of my usual task-and-list momness), I decided that we would make pink cupcakes. And of course we had to have some cousins over to make them, too.

FYI, do not expect your child to take a nap after ingesting a cupcake made with any amount of red dyes #3 and 40 on top of the usual 17 cups of sugar. Not gonna happen.



So glad these were the only cupcake wrappers Walmart had . . . otherwise I would have bought the plain cheap white one, and those just wouldn't have been up to the Pinkalicious challenge!






Using the new mixer, yay! and you can see the evidence of ongoing painting in our kitchen . . . window tape! Painting my kitchen seems to be a neverending project. Grrr. It's gonna look awesome, though!



BTW, making a double batch is a LOT of cupcakes.
Like waaaaaaaaay too many. Thank goodness for family nearby to help devour them!


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The Frosts said...

These pics are awesome...what fun memories!

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