Monday, March 25, 2013

The game of golf

Yesterday I got Sophia up from her nap a little early to come downstairs and make lemon bars with me.  We had a lovely time making the crust, with Sophia sneaking little bites of each ingredient (not such a fan of plain flour or butter, but watch out with the confectioner's sugar!) every few minutes.  Popped the crust in the pan, now to make the top lemony part.

Just then John walked up from the basement with his golf clubs.  "Time to put these in my trunk, spring is coming!"  Of course, he had to drive a few practice balls in the yard before loading the bag in the car, and when Sophia saw him out there swinging she was off like a shot.

"I have to play golf with Dada!"

"What about the lemon bars?"

"I'm going out to play golf!"

Sophia hurried into her boots and jacket, and dashed outside after grabbing her own golf bag from the living room.



Sophia puts everything she's got into her swing.



Contemplating her next move . . .




Dirty snow off a golf ball is always yummy, don't you think?


Hardcore golfers, out in the snow!


Walking the . . . white?


"I need this one, Dada . . . it's pretty big!"


"See the snow, Mama?  See it?  See it?  You sure?  Let me see the picture!"



"Here's what you have to do, Dada."


This three-year old's golf bag would NOT be complete without a pink golf ball.


Guess I have two golfers eagerly awaiting spring this year.


Almost time for another drawing, April 1st will be here before we know it!  This time the drawing is for  a set of cloth napkins . . . I'll include a pic in my next post.  Be sure to "like" Ad Libs on facebook, become a follower of my blog, or comment on a post to be entered in the drawing!

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