Saturday, May 25, 2013

'Lil fashion plate

Ever since Sophia has easy access to her now low-hanging clothes in the closet, she has relished the opportunity to choose her own clothes each day.  Every morning she stands before the open closet, hemming and hawing over just what outfit she should wear that day.  I love to see the combinations she comes up with, and can finally see why "that kid" at Walmart is dressed in crazy stripes and plaids . . . not worth the battle!

A week in the life of Sophia's clothing choices . . .




Yes, pajama pants.  Eh, it was Saturday.


This was one of my favorites . . . shirt tied around the waist, with a twist!


Love the backward skirt!



The most fun part of chronicling Sophia's wardrobe choices was how she got into the photo shoot as the week went on.  Tough to pare down the selection as she had so many great moves!  "Work it, Sophia!"  Today (the last photos with the pink sweatshirt) she was dancing her way thru the shoot . . . what fun to do this with her!

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Janeen said...

I really like the one with the green dress and striped tights :)

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