Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Duck, duck, what?

I'm not sure if contemplating getting ducks means I am just a little nutty or straight up certifiable. I am not really an animal person. I had a pet bunny when I was twelve for about two weeks . . . I got it for my birthday and sold it at a yard sale a couple weeks later. Not my thing. Got $15 for it, though!

So why ducks?

For one, duck eggs are SO much yummier than chicken eggs. And we drive 20 minutes away and pay 50 cents per egg right now. Which is far less work than taking care of ducks day in and day out, I'm sure. But doing all that driving made me start thinking . . .

Sophia and I have been planning to get chickens for a couple years now, but for one reason or another haven't gotten around to it. Sophia is my polar opposite in that she LOVES animals. And is allergic to most of them, so I can't see us owning any kind of indoor animal probably ever. Which I don't tell Sophia, because that would make her incredibly sad.

This winter Sophia caught a ladybug, or whatever those ladybug looking things are that cluster in your windows mid-winter. She placed it in a little Mason jar with holes poked in the lid and some leafy greens for it to munch on, and pronounced, "I have a pet!!!"


It was pretty cute, and pretty sad. And got me thinking about chickens again. But now that we have rediscovered the yumminess of duck eggs, I started wondering if we could get ducks instead. In the past couple weeks I've been researching the crap out of ducks, and it turns out that they are a lot easier than chickens! Their superior insulation means they can tolerate the cold better, they produce eggs during the winter more reliably, and they don't dig up your yard with their rubbery little feet. Plus, they go crazy for bugs, but not your garden.

So for those reasons and more I am thinking of getting ducks. Full disclosure, John is not overly enthused with my plan. So we'll see. But if you follow me on Pinterest you'll see all kinds of cute chicken/duck coop ideas in the works! And who knows, maybe with three ducks we'll end up with excess eggs to sell . . . Libby Farms!

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