Monday, May 23, 2016

A New Living Room Rug for $15

I ordered a new living room rug!

I fell in love with the Sierra Paddle Rug from a couple months ago when I saw it on this blog. It is a great neutral rug, but still has a fun pattern to it. No pile, so good for allergies and easy to take to the cleaners on occasion. We have had a living room rug with a substantial amount of white in it, and know I can keep it clean. And no, I'm not getting a free rug for plugging RugsUSA. You have to have more than 23 followers to get those blogging perks!

Why did I wait to buy the rug, when I knew I wanted it for the living room a couple months ago?

I knew RugsUSA has frequent sales, some as much as 70% off, with even bigger sales on holidays (90% for New Years!!). I also needed to save for it. Full price the Sierra Paddle Rug is $800. If I waited for a 70% off sale, then it would only be $243. Another sale on top of that? Even better.

So the Memorial Day Sale was my goal. I have been checking the site daily over the last week to see when they would start the deeper discounts.

And bingo, today it was up! I got the Sierra Paddle Rug for 70% off plus an additional 20% off on top of that, to the tune of $194.40. Throw in free shipping and our new 8x10 living room rug came in at less than $200!

$200 is still a decent investment in the Libby household, however. So while I was waiting for the sale to happen, I was also planning ahead how to pay for the rug. We have a small monthly amount we put toward home furnishings and minor upkeep items. I needed more than that for a rug, though, or that envelope would be WIPED OUT for May and June.

The answer for us is craigslist. Last year we furnished the den with a great indoor/outdoor rug from for staging purposes. We have been using it in the living room since moving, but it was a little small and not the right colors. The purchase price for that rug was $135 (discounted from $300), and we sold it via craigslist for $125 this weekend. $10 is not a bad loss considering we used it for a solid 8 months!

A little safety sidetone . . . John is a little nervous about my craigslisting (with good reason if you watch the news!), so our policy is that he has to be around if it's a big furniture item that can't be moved to a public place. Otherwise I meet buyers at the local Denny's. I also do all final arrangements about meeting up via telephone, not texting or e-mail. I figure a scammer from Eastern Europe won't bother with me when I insist on that precaution.

Between selling the rug for $125 and a bookcase that had been unused in the garage since we moved for $40, as well as an unused file cabinet for $15, I only had to come up with $14.40. Definitely doable with the monthly budget!

And there you have it, an $800 rug for essentially $15 out of pocket!

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