Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A day of craftiness

Yesterday I was in a decorating mood. I went to the Fabric Warehouse and found some pretty fabric to use to re-cover the dining room chairs, then headed to Home Depot for paint for said chairs, and then decided to swing by Big Lots for some picture frames.

Didn't get any picture frames, but found these cool metal decorative pieces instead. They were on clearance for $12, but I wanted 3, so that was still a little steep for me. I figured that maybe I could get a better deal, so found the manager. I asked what he could do for me, he said $8 apiece. I said I would like to get three, but still have to buy spray paint for them, how about $6? He countered with $7 apiece, no return. I took it!

So here's the before:


And here's the after. Of course, upon hanging them I realized I would like a bit more contrast, so somewhere in the next couple weeks I'll head to Wally World for some more spray paint, but they are good for now. And you can't beat the deal . . . don't be afraid to ask for a better price!


And then last evening after the Snuggler went to bed, I did a trial run canning some peach jam. The jam came out perfect, all the lids popped down like they were supposed to, and the jam thickened right up! Now I am off to make some scrambled eggs with toast and jam. Time to enjoy the "fruits" (ha!) of my labor!


1 comment:

The Frosts said...

Love it! Think I'm going to use you to find me some bargains on furniture for the Nursery.

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