Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All things decorating

I guess by now you know that my blog is about one third cute kid and another third projects around the house and the last third whatever random topic I decide to blog about. Today's post is #2, projects around the house.

Our dining room chairs were a motley crew. Four of them are a pretty traditional set, given to us by John's parents when we had a table but no chairs. The other two were picked up on the side of the road (thank you across-the-road-neighbors!), are much more contemporary, and very different fabric from the other four. In fact, those two didn't even match each other fabric-wise.

Perhaps if we had loads of money at our disposal, we would just chuck all the chairs out by the road and start from scratch . . . but loads of money, no way! And that would be a mistake anyway, because they are all quality chairs. Time to paint and re-cover!

Re-using items you already have cuts way down on costs. We have a brand new look for our 6 dining room chairs for less than $30. I found the fabric at the Fabric Warehouse and bought the last two and a half yards off their "Buy by the pound" rack, and got a quart of paint from Home Depot. Voila!







Thanks to my dad for the use of his battery powered staple gun!

And one more photo, while at Home Depot I picked up another can of spray paint . . . "Hammered Brown" . . . now I am happy with this wall.



Beth said...

Laurel, why do you live so far away from me? This post is awesome! I would love to be just a few miles closer to such inspiration...

Laurel said...

Let's do a project when Sophia and I come visit! Decorating with a friend is even more fun than decorating by yourself . . .

The Frosts said...

You are so good, can't wait to see all this in person!

Carrie said...

Looks so good! What a change on that contemporary chair!!! And I love how big her bum looks in that diaper - she's giving Abigail a run for her money!

Keep up the yalls - it's so efficient don't you think?

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