Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Images of December

This very behind blogger has finally learned to download pictures from her new camera to computer, so here we go people! December as told in pictures . . .


Sophia has a thing for little nooks to hang out in . . . the latest is the bottom shelf of our dining room bookshelf.


Perfect place to read "Pat the Bunny." (Which, completely off topic, I kind of thought was about a bunny named Pat before I had a kid, who now asks me to read it to her umpteen times a day.)



Fun place to hide out #2: any cardboard box, of which there are many in our house right now, as I have done 99% of my Christmas shopping on amazon.


Fun place to hide out #3: the antique hutch in the dining room. Of course, catching a picture of Sophia actually in it is difficult . . . she tends to stop whatever she was doing to ham it up for the camera as soon as she realizes what I am up to.


The latest eating dilemma. How to convince your 16-month old that her foot really doesn't belong on the table while she is eating. Especially hard to convince her of that when both parents are snapping pictures on each side of the table. Hmmm.



The joy of a high calorie, high fat diet! Enjoy it while it lasts, kiddo.



Fun times with cousin Zuzu!


No, Sophia and Zuzu did not trade clothing between the previous picture and this one, they just have a lot of the same clothes.


Including the same shoes! (What can I say, I have good taste in baby clothes, so Kristin has no choice but to copycat. And I'm pretty sure that will earn me a comment!) At any rate, look, they are sharing!


And this is how most photo sessions end, with Sophia coming for the camera.


Thanks to Aunt Betsy, Uncle Tom, and Allie, Sophia has been very busy playing with her new nativity set . . . definitely wins favorite toy award! Now John and I can illustrate the Christmas story when we read it to her, and Sophia especially loves baby "Chesus." We're still working on the J sound . . .



Ok, this is just randomness. For some reason, Sophia had a desire to wear pants on her head. Who am I to deny such fun?


I know this picture is TINY, but thought it was so funny I had to include it. My dad was watching Sophia last week, and she wanted to play with his glasses. How can you not take a picture of that? If only it were not with a camera phone, so I could blow it up!


This is randomness as well, three of the four hats I have made this fall. Of course, the one I made for Bridgette is my favorite by far, but I forgot to get a picture before I gave it to her. Grrrr.


And today's fun! Aviva came over to play with Sophia, and we all trekked outside to "play" in the snow . . . a first for Sophia!


Of course, you will note that Sophia's facial expression seemed to "freeze" in place as soon as we got outside . . . I have no idea what she thought of the snow!


Aviva very kindly tried to show her what you do with the snow, but even that failed to inspire any kind of movement, facial or limb, from Sophia.



Note the rain boots, not really worth buying winter boots for a kid who isn't walking yet, and will probably spend a total of half an hour playing outside this winter. Layer up the socks!


So that's all folks, Merry Christmas from this blogger now, 'cause another post is probably not happening before then!


Joanna Spotts said...

You are an excellent photographer, of course it helps that you kid is so dang cute!

Anonymous said...

Chloe also LOVED tiny spaces. We have a great picture of her asleep in our toy bin. She emptied out the toys and climbed in with a pillo and blanket. She also used to make nests up under the bow of Keith's kayaks. Sometimes we'd have NO idea where she was! -meagan

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I kind of like eating with my left foot up on the I kept meaning to ask you if you got your camera and if you like it?? Great photo's...enjoyed the post! Aunt Melissa

Anonymous said...

I see chubbies in those cheeks...yay for Haagan Dazs!

"she tends to stop whatever she was doing to ham it up for the camera" Hmmm, I wonder where she gets that from?


The Frosts said...

oh my gosh!!!! These pics are hysterical...the hiding and reading spots are my fav!

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