Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Floater alert!

There will be no pictures in this post. And if anyone has an issue with reading the word "poop" in a blog post, shut it down now.

Bathtime is pretty much Sophia's favorite time of the day. She has two favorite games . . . "Where's Sophia" and the newer "Splash-time." "Where's Sophia" has the Snuggler ducking down toward the water to hide while mom or dad sits on the floor and says "Where's Sophia?" in a sing-song voice until she pops up grinning. "Splash-time" is Sophia lying on her back lifting her legs up and splashing downs as hard as she can, and alternately just kicking her legs in the water like crazy. Extra points if you splash a parent!

I was just thinking the other day about a post my friend Beth had written (here), and how grateful I was that my child had NEVER pooped in the tub in her life, and probably never would because she is just such a delicate little wonderful flower . . . when "Where's Sophia" took a turn for the worse.

When I called "Where's Sophia?" a number of times, nothing happened. No grinning toddler face popped up, cute little eyes poking over the tub edge . . . hmmm.

Call a few more times.


So I get up myself to take a peek.


"John, help!!! I need you right now!"

Yes, it's true. The delicate little flower had loosed her bowels in the tub.

So now there was a floater. Getting the kid out is easy (John grabbed her pretty quickly!), but what about the ick???

You know, when you are a parent you sometimes have to do things that you never in a million years thought you would have to do. Like fish a little floater poop out of the tub as it tries to disintegrate into a million pieces. And then wash that hand in very hot water for a long time with lots of soap. Somehow it is grosser in the tub than dealing with a whole diaper.

So that was my New Years night. Think it's gonna be a good year, because you can only go up from poop in the tub.


Beth said...

Ah, ha ha, tee hee. :) Hope she doesn't do it again. I have to say that Matt has made it somewhat of a habit, which is to say that he's done it 4 or 5 times. I don't know what it is, I guess some kids just do it and some don't? I try to wait till he's had his evening BM to put him in... but sometimes it is just a gamble! I wouldn't wish it on anyone, ugh. Super gross.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Under the circumstances; "...a million pieces...", available vortex; I think I'd have pulled the stopper and stood back.
Or there's always latex gloves...

Heather said...

Been there, done that... :)

Anonymous said...

Just wait until it happens with all three of your little ones in the tub who haven't been cleaned yet. And your husband is still at work so you have to get them all out, clean the tub and then put them all back in and start over - good times!!!!

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