Monday, January 17, 2011

New baby training

Sophia got a baby doll for her first birthday that has slowly evolved into being her all-time favorite toy. She asks for "Baby" at any time of the day or night, and heaven forbid we forget Baby when headed out the door! Pretty much the only place Baby doesn't go is into the crib . . . I made that mistake one naptime and heard three hours of playing and no sleeping!

With her adoption of Baby coinciding with baby #2 on the way, I have been trying to do some general work with Sophia and Baby so that maybe it will help with the transition of going from being an only to being a sibling . . . that's the idea, anyway, who knows how much practical good it will actually do.

today we dug thru the bins of Sophia's newborn clothes upstairs to find some for Baby. We ended up with a sleeper with the arms each rolled up twice, a bib, a tiny pair of socks that still come up to Baby's knees, and a swaddle blanket. The blanket didn't last long, but we also got out a bottle and filled it with water for Baby. The bottle fun is still ongoing! Well, Sophia is enjoying it, but sharing it with Baby? Not so much.

We talk about treating Baby gently, not throwing her to the floor. Sophia "reads" books to Baby, and looks at her board book photo album with her. My most basic hope is that Sophia will learn to treat Baby nicely, and that it will translate to the real baby.

I have been making a special effort because we have some remedial work to do in this area, I think. John and Sophia like to play the drums after church, and of course Baby goes with them. I came into the sanctuary one recent Sunday to find them at it again, with one crucial difference from usual . . . Sophia had both drumsticks in hand while John vigorously pounded out a rhythm . . . using Baby's head. "Well, Sophia had both the sticks, what was I supposed to use?!"

Sigh. Hopefully I won't walk downstairs some day to find baby #2 in Sophia's hands, her head being used as a drumstick with the drum Sophia got for Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...reminds me of the time I found Kristin "beating a rhythm" on your head with a 5" by 1" piece of wood she had gotten hold of when she was two and you were just a few months old.


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