Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scrapping the list

I am a list person. I like to make a list with little boxes next to each item so I can neatly check it off when complete. Most days I have a list, and usually feel that the day was a good one when there is a check mark in each box.

What Sophia has been teaching me, however, is that sometimes other things are more important than filled check boxes. Like story time, or building a tent, or going for long walks outside to pick up as many rocks and sticks as her clenched little fists can hold.

Last Wednesday I had a list. It was full of items like laundry, dishes, and vacuuming the house. And it all got scrapped when Sophia and I spontaneously headed to the Children's Museum in Portland with friends, and then back to their house for lunch and nap-time.

And it was so much fun . . . way better than staying home to do chores on a rainy day would have been!



Of course, Sophia knows how a stethoscope works from her many doctors appointments, so she popped that right on in the "Veterinarian's Office." She worked on a big stuffed dog and a little green parrot while we were there, and I am happy to report that both patients did well.



By the time we headed out of the grocery store, Sophia had loaded up her basket with all of the carrots and cucumbers that were available . . . although of course she won't touch either item when I prepare them for her at home.


Sophia's favorite activity by far was "Cascade Stream" on the second floor. She kept me busy fetching toy turtles for her to throw in the stream and watch float away.




After the stream she got to see real turtles swimming around in a tank, and we didn't move from that spot for quite some time! Then it was on to the space shuttle and the cafe before we finally headed out to go have lunch and nap.

So no items got checked off my list that day, but somehow the laundry and dishes didn't seem to mind. And Sophia certainly didn't mind, because she got to have me all to herself. And I loved our spontaneous day, and am already looking forward to the next time I can scrap the list and head out on another adventure with my little Snuggler.


Beth said...

Oh, I am jealous, and so happy for you, as you soak up these days with your little one all to yourself, and you all for her, as well. She is quite a cutie! I love the little bits of curls on the sides. What a doll.

Miss you!

The Frosts said...

I'm so glad you scraped your list... LOVE the pics! She is so cute...necklaces and all!

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