Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March "cleanup"

I was on such a roll last month, then got sidetracked from blogging by my projects. But I am back, and today is a wrap-up of March, then we'll be off and running with April's blog posts!

First of all, I would like to announce that I am going to be re-naming my blog, as we are going from three to four in the Libby family. So, I invite your name suggestions, keeping in mind my overall blog, with family, decorating, and running as three of my favorite themes. There will be a special prize for the author of the winning name (assuming I don't come up with a name on my own that I like the best!) . . . a batch of homemade Munsell lemon bars! If you don't live within a deliverable distance, I will come up with an alternate prize . . . So get creative, and feel free to put in as many names as you like.

On to today's post!

One of my very favorite things to do as a little (and not so little!) girl was to play dress up. We had some awesome dress up clothes . . . a long, long orange and red dress that you could wear off the shoulder, a black and gray old fashioned skirt and button top, and all of my ballet costumes. (Still have great pictures of you and me dressed up in them, Amber!!! But can't get my scanner to work, so no worries.)

We had three pairs of high heeled shoes to clomp around in . . . red peep-toe, black patent leather with a bow on the front, and cream pumps. It was a sad day when my feet grew past the size 6 or 6 1/2 that those shoes were!

Even before Sophia was born, I knew if the baby was a girl that I was going to be working on a dress-up trunk pronto. And she was, and I have! Post-Halloween I scavenged the Auburn WalMart for fun costumes, and came out with quite the bounty. A Tinker Bell costume, several skirts, purple fairy wings, and a brown hair (Not blonde!) wig were my favorite items. Then a good friend added a pink princess costume and a couple other things, so Sophia has quite the trunk already.

Within the last month Sophia has really gotten into the whole dress-up thing, and she totally owns it. If I suggest it . . . bad idea. If she thinks of it . . . we go all out!

I had tried to get her to put on the wig on several different occasions, but no go. Until one day in March when she decided on her own that she wanted to wear it. Then it stayed on for a good half hour!

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Of course, you can see what she thought of my suggestion that she add a dress-up skirt to the ensemble. Yeah, wig only, no skirt, no dress. I don't know where she gets her stubborn/independent streak from!

Other March fun was the making of our new picnic/beach quilt. Of course, we have only been able to use it inside the house as of yet, but boy, does it make a great fort! I made it eight feet square, so it beats out any other blanket for building a little living room retreat.

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Plenty of room for one kiddo and all of her paraphernalia . . . sippy cup, cracker snack, blanket to lie down on, big pillow, and three library books. And believe it or not, this pregnant mama managed to wedge herself in there for some story time. Now that's a big fort!

One of my favorite bloggers wrote a post about adventuring with your kiddos that inspired me to head out the door on a walk one day last month with Sophia. Our destination?

Going to get ice cream!

I talked my sister into coming as well with her five kids, and we set off, a long parade of us walking the mile it takes to get to the local ice cream parlor. Not quite an adventure in an orange grove, but the best I could do on a late-March day in Maine.

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And that's all you get for pictures, just the "before" because I forgot to charge my camera battery! I hadn't had to charge it since Christmas (One of the most wonderful things about my new camera is the CRAZY battery life!), and it died only a few minutes into our adventure.

If I could have gotten any more pictures, you would have see the Tripps and Libbys stoically eating ice cream in front of an eight foot drift of snow . . . the remainders from plowing the snow out at the ice cream parlor when it opened this spring.

And you would see everyone BUNDLED up, because it was a cool day that turned downright cold while we walked (28 degrees cold!).

And you would see Sophia wrapped in a fleece blanket that I had chucked in the bottom of the jogger at the last minute . . . just her little face poking out so I could pop bites of ice cream in for her.

And I am still pretty sure that getting cold on the walk back didn't do Sophia any favors, as she was diagnosed with an ear infection the next day! (I know, it was already brewing, but still . . .)


It was a great adventure. And Sophia has reached an age where she likes for me to tell her stories while we cuddle, so I have another one in my repertoire now. I'll probably embellish it a little more over time . . . maybe we walked thru snow to get ice cream, or fought off a bear on our way . . . and of course Sophia will be the heroine.

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Joanna Spotts said...

Then a good friend added a pink princess costume and a couple other things...You make me smile!

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