Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Creative juices

I have been positively itching to do something, anything, creative for the last couple of weeks. I love Jude, but sometimes the eat-cry-sleep routine gets to be a bit much, and I need a break with something that does not involve the kiddos.

So when John called yesterday while I was out running some quick errands to say "don't hurry home, do something fun" (What a great hubby I have!) I took him up on it and stopped by Goodwill for some decor inspiration.

And found some!


This great metal bowl was $2.99, and a deal like that cannot be passed up! I knew it would look terrific as a dining table centerpiece, but what to fill it with? Off to TJ Maxx!


While I was walking back to the home section at TJ Maxx, I walked by the clearance section, and spotted a bunch of boxes of decorative fruit. $3 a box, and it can be used again and again. Perfect!


Ok, I liked it, but I didn't love it. Something was still missing . . .


Yes! The table runner I made last fall! The colors are perfect, and now everything is tied together to make my table a "well-appointed" one. And yes, as you can now see from my dining room table, I am a bit eager for fall . . . my very favorite season.


Love it!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Nice work, Laurel! Looks great! And, as usual, I find your creativity inspiring. :)

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