Thursday, September 15, 2011


Feeding the Snuggler is quite an adventure lately. I never know what she is going to do with her food, but eating is only a small part of it . . .


10,000 Cheerio pickup . . .


. . . peanut butter sandwich Hitler mustache . . .


. . . the ever-popular yogurt lotion . . .


. . . not only delicious . . .


. . . but ever so moisturizing!

Sophia has started treating Jude like her little buddy, and it is so cute to see. Of course, there are still the occasional whacks on the head (I think she likes to see if I am paying attention . . . I am!), and she hasn't quite grasped the meaning of "Gentle!!!" . . . but we're getting there.


Reading Jude her favorite book, Curious George. Jude even dressed for the occasion . . .

Sophia has moved into her big girl bed. It was a matter of necessity, as Jude had already managed to outgrow the cradle. He kept getting over to the side and hanging his arm out, and was not a fan as he couldn't get it back in! Of course, there is supposed to be some lag time before moving #2 into the crib that #1 has just been occupying, but that didn't happen. Fortunately, Sophia does not appear to resent Jude for taking over her crib.


She was pretty curious about the pillow . . . she mostly drapes it over her, or sleeps next to it.


All in all, it's going well, though we had our doubts with her first disastrous naptime in the big bed!

And now for some cuteness:


Eat your heart out, Anne Geddes!


Little Bear and his big sister . . .


Earlybirdmom said...

Too, too adorable! You are so good at recording these "everyday" precious moments. Priceless!

Beth said...

Sophia's hair is adorable. I want to scoop her up!

And those last two pics of Jude (and Sophia)? Edibly cute. Sweet, sweet, sweetness.

You are doing a great job, Laurel.

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