Friday, October 14, 2011

Back to crafting

For the past two months, I had been having crafting withdrawal. Because of wearing Jude all the time, I hadn't been able to touch my sewing machine for more than a minute or two at a time, and projects don't get finished very quickly that way! But then in the last two weeks, he has been cool with being in his bouncy seat between naptimes, and I finally got my craft on!

I finished a dress for Sophia, and made shoes for Jude . . . followed by four more pairs of baby shoes for my new niece and a friend's baby shower . . . ever so cute! Too bad I didn't take pics of the other shoes I made, because they were so cute and girly.




Sophia kept flopping down onto the sidewalk to look at her skirt all spread around her . . . I think she felt very Laura Ingalls Wilder . . .


I'm not sure why the rolling around was necessary, but it was pretty cute.



My powerhouse Featherweight sewing machine . . . I do 99% of my sewing on it.




The Frosts said...

L-O-V-E! shoes and dress are awesome....I'm off to attempt starting my curtains! Maybe I should call u first!

Beth said...


And I love your machine - that's awesome! I got my craft on last night and made Ben a little treat bag to go trick-or-treating with (at his preschool party... we aren't taking him out). I was impressed with myself! I need a desk/nook/extra room.....!


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