Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mama's boy

Jude is a mama's boy.

There is no other way around it. Given the option, he would prefer to be glued to me 24/7. And I'm coming around to it, after fighting it and (yes, I admit it) resenting having to wear him all the time.

No one has been able to adequately explain to me why Jude ONLY naps when he is in the Moby wrap on me (and sometimes on John when he is home). Our wonderful pediatrician is stumped, and she usually has a good answer for pretty much everything. Even my sleep bible, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child," doesn't have an explanation. HSHHC does promise that by 4 months we can start sleep training him, though, and that makes me happy.

Jude has started this thing where he wakens every hour from 3 a.m. on . . . unless I bring him into bed with me and let him sleep on me and eat occasionally, and then we sleep peacefully until 7:30 a.m. Grrr. I know there are those who love the family bed. I am not one of them.

That said, I keep going back to "Why?!" Why does this kid scream bloody murder when he is tired and anyone but me is holding him? Why does he insist on sleeping ON me 12 hours out of the day? Why does he wake up in his crib crying but then not want to eat?

He misses me.

He loves his mama so much, and is so sad to be out in this big scary world, that he just has to cling to what he knows . . . and what he knows is me. It has taken me over two months to figure this out, but he just needs a little extra time to adjust. He needs this "fourth trimester" to learn that he is safe, and figure out just how to function in the real world.

Whatever this is . . . fussiness . . . colic . . . tired baby . . . I'm sure I will have more days of being frustrated with wearing an extra 13 pounds 2 ounces (just weighed two days ago!), but I also think it is absolutely sweet that he loves his mama so.


And on a completely different note . . . on November 1st I will be drawing a name out of all of my followers, and one lucky reader will win a pint jar of my famous (ok, maybe not sooo famous) peach salsa! So those of you who have been reading my blog on the sly, now is your chance to become a follower and just maybe win a great prize (other than just getting to follow my blog)!

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The Frosts said...

I love that is challenging, but you will certainly look back when he's 13 and think I wish I could put him in the Moby to get him to stop________. My sweet girl Chelsea slept through the night last night and my busy-body 2 1/2 year old did not, with multiple wakings, needing water, "sleep in your bed momma", sleep in my bed momma, bahhh make up my mind, but all in all he wanted to be with me! :) Thanks for the perspective! And please please please pick me! Definitely need some peach salsa for this fall weather! Can it be exported to NY....or maybe we could do a salsa for syrup barter!?

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