Monday, November 28, 2011

A few firsts and some cuteness

This long weekend was full of first . . . Jude's first Thanksgiving, Sophia's first snowman, and (shame on us!) our first photo of our entire family of four!

Somehow we hadn't managed to have a picture taken of all of us in the entire first four months of Jude's life. I think it's one of those second child "things." Time goes by so fast, and either John or I was always taking the picture . . . and then it was Thanksgiving and we finally got someone else to take it for us.


As for the snowman . . . Sophia only started walking on January 1, 2011, so her one outside experience in the snow last year involved sitting on her bum in the snow. She was not a fan. But now? John has to bribe her with hot chocolate to get her inside . . . good thing we have lots of Ovaltine at our house!



Mittens do not stay on long when building a snowman . . .
have to take them off to collect rocks . . . er, I mean buttons!


She's a good sport . . . falls down and bounces right back up!



Sophia has a little brother, her "little buddy" Jude, but she also has her own little baby, whose name happens to be Jude as well. The other day, Jude needed to eat.



Personally, I love the thumb in the mouth while feeding baby doll Jude.

And now, we wrap up with some four month old cuteness . . .



Finally, a reminder . . . become a follower of my blog and you will be entered in my December 1st drawing for a jar of homemade strawberry jam! And if you get someone else to follow, not only will they get an entry, but you will get a second one! Just shoot me an e-mail or comment to let me know that you deserve credit . . . happy Monday!


Beth said...

I love the pics of Sophia feeding her baby. Ben used to do that, too! Ha! :) I especially liked the thumb variety!

I also love the guitar pajamas - I ordered those for both boys as their Christmas Eve PJs... and another set for my baby nephew. Too bad they don't make them in like an 8, for my older nephew!

Oh - and, a "warm drink" is all that gets Ben inside when he's playing in the snow, too. I usually microwave a little juice. And, whoa, hold up! You guys have that much snow?! It was in the 60s here today!

Beth said...

How could I forget the four-month-old cuteness! That little guy is adorable. :) I think he looks a lot like Sophia, no?

The Frosts said...

Awwww this cuteness made me miss these little ones even more. I love the new top o' the blog pic!!!!!

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