Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December mish-mash

I had the best of intentions as far as posting this month. Three posts a week, blah blah blah . . . you can see how that worked out! Not only am I so far behind in posting, but behind on everything in general . . .


. . . the to-do pile . . . more of a mountain right now . . .


. . . that's right, the calendar is still on November . . .


But, at least the tree is up! Isn't it lovely with our Sophia-proofing . . . decorations only on the top half. She is so hands on, after having several ornaments get broken from too much lovin' we stripped it down.


And so now I have another pile waiting for me, another "to-do," the pile 'o decorations that need to be hot glued thanks to Sophia. John was particularly sad about the nativity sheep.


Random cuteness from the Christmas tree trimming day . . . Jude camoflaged on our brown recliner.


I brought the camera with us when we went to get our tree, thinking we would get some great shots of family togetherness. Then it was -42 with a windchill of about -187 and I decided it was a much better idea to wait inside with the kids while John and the "tree guy" loaded up our tree and so this is the only picture we got the whole time.
The cool orange moon.


You know how you sort of eyeball your potential trees to see how they'll fit in your house? Well, we got the tree home and realized that it was so massive that a) it takes up a ridiculous amount of living room space, and b) we can't even get the angel on top because the bottom is so fat you can't reach the center of the top from any angle!
So no topper this year.




Sophia REALY wanted to hang the Pooh bear decoration, but it was Jude's 1st Christmas ornament, so she finally settled for giving him a kiss.


Jude was super excited about hanging it up, as you can see . . .



Next morning, gotta love coming in from a run to find the hat crew on deck!


Tomorrow I'll be back with a bedroom makeover post . . . now time to go get cracking on some Christmas projects, while my to-do pile grows and November waits a little longer!


swedisheik said...

I especially like Jude's pink jacket. That's how we roll around here, too.

wexler115 said...

I love the picture of you smiling at the camera with Jude in your arms...what a great shot! At least you have a tree up...I'm aiming to do ours by the 24th or so! haha

The Frosts said...

love these...and also reminds me that I wanted to blog more this month...and yeh, commenting on yours while not blogging on mine ;) Love to you and your cuties!

Laurel said...

Love how I didn't even notice Jude was wearing "pink" . . . it's the only sleep sack that is long enough for him. He outgrew the ones that Sophia wore all winter long as an infant by the time he was a month old, so this one goes on over his pjs every night! But it's peach, people, not pink. ;0)

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