Thursday, January 19, 2012

(More) Adventures in Pottytraining

I have been taking a break from pottytraining for the last few weeks. In this battle of wills, Sophia dominates, and I don't like to play games I have no chance at winning. But now we are back at it . . . with a new strategy.

Sophia is all about being a baby (a little regression, anyone?!), and alternately, all about playing with her baby doll. So, I thought last night, how about a little long-term motivation? M&Ms as an immediate reward as always, and a new baby doll when pottytraining is complete.

I told Sophia, and she immediately got the concept and told John about it when he got home. She and I are going to go to Walmart and pick out a new baby doll once ALL pee-pee AND poo-poo are on the potty. Today she got to wear underwear again, and as of right now (2:33 p.m.) she is still accident free! Of course, she has yet to go #2 on the potty, and that will tell if she is really going for it or not.

Diaper went back on (with underwear over it, of course) at naptime after one last trip to the potty. An hour later, I was still hearing loud noises up there, so I thought she might be poopy and checked on her.

No poop. Yay!

But not quite cause for celebration, as there was a naked Sophia and a wet spot on her pack'n'play sheet. Here's Sophia's explanation:

"I called my mama and said 'I need to go potty' and then I went pee and my diaper is dry." And she was right, she had a dry diaper.

Changed the sheet, let her go potty again and have a treat, then put her back down for her nap.

I think that girl might be a little too smart for this mama. I said she needed to have a dry diaper . . . she had a dry diaper. And so we continue on with Adventures in Pottytraining!

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The Frosts said...

wow! seriously sophia!!!! This is why we moved so you and carson can't scheme together!!!

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