Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year?

Funny, when I am not working, the whole "New Year" thing doesn't kick in very quickly. I have yet to write 2012 (except for just now!), and seem to judge time passing more by kiddo's milestones than dates on a calendar. (Especially since my calendar still says November 2011.)

But it is a new year, and I have been contemplating what is to come in the next 12 months. Not for this post, but soon, I'm sure!

This post isn't going to be anything very grand . . . it's a poop post. I know, it has been a long time since I wrote one, and you all thought maybe I had gotten over that sort of thing.


As long as I have kids aged 2 and under, I'm pretty sure the poop posts are going to keep a'comin'.

Sophia may not be too swift with getting herself dressed yet, but boy, does she know how to strip down. Best time to get naked? In bed just after filling her diaper.

John and I first experienced the joy that is naked-poopy-hollaring-bloody-murder-toddler-in-bed on Christmas Eve. We had a true Christmas miracle that day . . . that is, Sophia managed to get naked without anointing all of her surroundings with feces. Yay!

Naptime goes something like this: We put Sophia in her big girl bed for nap and warn her that if she gets up she will have to sleep in the Pack'n'Play. Approximately 35 seconds later, she climbs out of bed to say "I'm up! Can I come downstairs now?" Like, "Hey, I slept already, can you believe it?!!!" And she is so stinkin' cute, you just want to say yes, but instead we carry her back to her room and settle her into the PNP.

An hour later on Christmas eve she was STILL awake and talking . . . something must be going on, time to check on her. And we walked in to find Naked Girl and Poopy Diaper. But like I said, it was a Christmas miracle, and everything was still clean.

We have had one more "Christmas miracle" in the week since Christmas.

And today was the day I have been dreading.

It was the anti-miracle day.

The day of poop.


It was a "pick her up under my arm and carry her to the bathroom naked bummed to go directly into the tub" day.

A "pull everything out of the pack'n'play and place it directly into a boiling hot washing machine" kind of day.

I don't think any more detail is necessary . . .

Suffice it to say that Sophia is going to be wearing backward zipper footie pajamas for naptime from now on, not just bedtime.

And it is funny, even in the moment . . . if I step outside myself for just a minute and watch this ridiculous Sophia-and-Friends show, I do have to laugh.

Whatever highfalutin' thoughts I have about what this year is going to be (or not be) when it comes down to it, I hope there are a lot of laughs in the year ahead. Because whatever "poop" comes, it's a lot easier to deal with while laughing. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Laugh on, friends!


The Frosts said...

oh MY! not more details needed ;)

Earlybirdmom said...

Let's just say that I was looking forward to an entertaining post and that I was not disapointed!

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