Thursday, March 22, 2012


I guess a small part of me must have realized what a gargantuan job painting the kitchen would be. And that is why it took me (almost) three years of home ownership to work up the guts to tackle it. I suppose I am glad it took me that long, because now I finally have a picture in my mind of how I want the whole house to mesh together . . . and it is going to require re-painting the living room and dining room so that will be coming up later! Along with new curtains . . . that is going to be a BIG sewing project with six huge windows in those two rooms!

At any rate, after using up a gallon and a quarter hand painting (no roller!) all of the wood in my kitchen, including the huge corner pantry unit and all the cabinets (ok, I rolled the cabinets), I am finally done. And now I have a kitchen that makes me happy when I walk in the door!




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Sophia, Jude and I went to Walmart a few days ago and on the way thru produce spotted the big bin of flowers. I usually walk right by, but that day we just had to stop. The tulips were calling my name . . . but you know what? When you let your two year old choose the flowers she is going to go right by the classy white tulips and get the brightest many colored arrangement she can find.

Took me a few days of looking at the very garish colors clashing away with my new kitchen, but I finally figured out that if I split them up I would get more bang for my buck and they just might even look good.

So now we have flowers in the . . .


living room . . .


kitchen . . .


and kitchen.

Bathroom too, but who needs to see the pink bathroom carnation? I thought not.

BTW, I did not dye the water. That's just the crazy color they dyed the daisies.

Happy early spring!


Rob Frost said...


Janeen said...

The kitchen looks amazing! Nice work :)

Beth said...

Oh my goodness, Laurel, that kitchen is GORGEOUS! Nice work!! I love it! Who knew that a little paint would make such a difference? And the fact that you've pulled this off with not one, but two children at home - wow. I am impressed!!

carrie said...

What color is the blue cabinet (I mean, obviously it's blue but the exact shade???) We are trying to decide on a front door color and (gasp!) are considering something bold like a nice shade of blue...

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