Monday, July 2, 2012

Back from sabbatical?

I know, no posts in June.

I guess I took an unannounced sabbatical of sorts.  It was out of necessity, as I have been crazy busy with around the house things.  I might not have taken such a break if I hadn't actually written out my to-do list.  But I did, and let me tell you, writing out the list is a BAD IDEA.  Don't do it.

Here's the list that has been completed in the last couple months:

~ Shower invites
~ Prime and paint porch ceiling
~ Make and send kid's birthday party invites (I totally cheated on that one this year and did e-invites instead of paper ones that take me ten years to make.  Haven't sent Sophia's out yet, but they are ready to go!)
~ Smash fake concrete bricks that are super ugly and falling apart off the front steps.  (Ok, so I hired my nephew.)
~ Paint front door
~ Pull off old weatherstripping, put up new, prime and paint.
~ Paint living room and dining room trim
~ Paint living room and dining room walls
~ Make gift for Sophia's friend A's birthday (Dress that came out so totally cute!)
~ Plant blueberry bushes (necessitating that I rip out the random plants that were there . . . )
~ Plant rhubarb (more ripping out of plants first)
~ Climb scary ladder repeatedly in order to paint outside window trim (Not sure how being scared of climbing up six feet into the air translates to wanting to go sky diving someday, but there you go.  I guess I have taken care of lots of people paralyzed from falling off ladders, but none from skydiving.)

Unfortunately, the list of to-do's still to be done is much longer.  Here you go:

~ Prime and paint porch floor
~ Paint indoor stairway trim
~ Paint indoor stairs
~ Paint outdoor stairs
~ Finish painting outside trim, including around windows, doors, and the entire foundation
~ Make curtains for living room and dining room (going to do burlap, it will look so good!)
~ Make pillows for the living room
~ Deal with mysterious hot water heater problem that is making my long luxurious showers much shorter and NOT luxurious
~ Paint upstairs hallway trim and walls
~ Make Jude's 1st birthday teddy bear

I guess the still-to-do list looks shorter, but trust me, it's longer.  HOWEVER, I am planning to be a little less insanely single minded about it as I have been missing my blog-outlet.  And I have a lot of ridiculous Sophia antics that need to be in print.  On that note, if anyone has any hints for keeping her clothed and in bed (yes, she can climb out of the crib now!), feel free to send them my way.


The Frosts said...

Sounds like the girl is trying to figure out what areas she can exert control & get attention. Reminds me of the food fights you had with her. She may be phasing out of naps...I know, I know, but we are about 3-4 per week with Carson. Clothes are optional at this stage anyway aren't they. But seriously don't worry, keep working at it, she will eventually get it. We went through about 6months-1year of post potty training ripping down his pants anywhere and peeing training, but we have now I hesitate to say gotten to the point where he asks and doesnt just rip of clothes (unless he is in our home w/o others around). Remember everything is a stage, you are the teacher, think of how long it takes us as adults to change bad habits or just change...she will just be patient ;)

The Frosts said...

oh and ps. I would like pictures of these projects since I can't pop up for a playdate to see them in person!

Beth said...

I hear they make crib tents, with a zipper. Get her a princess castle one and pretend it's a treat to go in it! Zip, zip, GOOD NIIIIIIIIGHT.... :)

As for taking clothes off, sigh. I think kids either do this or they don't. Some kids are absolute Houdinis with their clothing, and then there is 4.5 year old Ben, who insists that he can't pull down his own shorts to go pee if they are too tight. *sigh* Ages and stages, indeed.

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