Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just Jude

Seems to me that Jude has been just a wee bit neglected in my blog.  Guess it is a case of Second Child Syndrome . . . but with Jude hitting 10 months on Sunday I decided to do a post dedicated all to him.  I even edited out anyone else in his pictures!  So here's the little buddy, birth to 10 months.


You'd  never know that a couple days from now Jude was going to turn
into a little screaming banshee . . . 


One month old, in his favorite recliner already.


Two months, hanging in his "Man Chair."  He and Sophia hung out in it a LOT when he was awake.


Three months, starting to turn into the happier version of Jude that we know and love today!


The big man in his first dress up clothes, at four months.


Merry Christmas, five month old Cuddler!


Back in the chair for some six month old lounging . . .


And I know these are the same pajamas six month old Jude was wearing, but he really is a month older . . . seven months!  


Eight month old Jude, trying to work up the motivation to head for the toy . . . nah!
Why bother when big sis will get anything you need?


Nine month old Jude taking a bath, his favorite activity outside of eating.
Especially bubble baths with sister . . . yellow belly = soap paint fun!


Had to do another nine month picture . . . he sits up!!!


Ten month old Jude LOVES to eat grass.  Or anything else he can get in his mouth!


And another 10 month picture . . . frozen custard beats grass hands down!  I guess the upside of being child #2 in the birth order is that your parents are a little less uptight about NO SUGAR UNTIL AT LEAST ONE! and a little more go with the flow . . . 

I never would have thought when in the middle of Jude's first four angry colicky months that he would turn into such a happy, smiley, cuddly, charming little guy.  Even as I type this he is grinning and waving at me from his high chair while he chows down some pasta, watermelon, and hot dog (no comment on the balancedness of today's lunch!).  He and Sophia are great friends . . . we were at BJ's the other day and they kept alternating putting their arms around each other for hugs in their dual front seat.  Love this little guy, and love watching him grow into such a fun big boy.

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