Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have officially become a huge fan of freecycle. For those of you who may not know what I am talking about, you can check it out here. I became a member of the Lewiston-Auburn freecycle group a few weeks ago, and have been receiving daily e-mail notices listing what is available or wanted by the other group members.

Coinciding with joining freecycle (and really what inspired me to sign up), is that I have been feeling like I want to be contributing financially to our household, although I really have no desire to go back to work as a nurse. So what to do?

Also, although I have been making Sophia's food, I had been thinking it would be so convenient to have some in the jar to throw in her diaper bag. Case in point, yesterday I was out at my mom's group and there was no microwave available to thaw the frozen pea cube I had brought with me.

So, yesterday I was thrilled when the day's e-mail included a notice for some free baby food! 61 jars to be exact, with a four boxes of baby cereal thrown in. I e-mailed the gal, but someone else had already arranged to pick it up. I was a bit bummed, but a few hours later she e-mailed me again to say that she had a no-show, and did I still want it? Did I?! Off Sophia and I went to Lewiston, and here you can see the tower of (free!) food.

An answer to prayer when I least expected it, and a reminder that God always provides for his children's needs, and at just the right time.


The Frosts said...

Praise your sounds a little like the Yarmouth network? No?

Kristin said...

"Like!" (a la fb...)

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