Friday, March 5, 2010

Lunchtime confessions

Nowadays Sophia eats several ice cubes worth of puree mixed with rice cereal for lunch. Usually I thaw a green veggie cube, and a cube of some sort of fruit, and throw them in a bowl together with some rice cereal. She doesn't seem to mind mixed food (unlike her mama!) so why not?

Today's meal was a non-mixer, however, as it was peas and prunes. I just don't think you can mix those two like you can peas and applesauce. Really, though, the true reason for not mixing them is the "confession" part of this post.

There are a few baby foods that belong in the "one bite for you, one bite for me" category. Pureed prunes is one of them. Also making the short list are apricots, peaches, and pears. Definitely not chicken or beef, those just look nasty, never mind trying them.

The "one bite, one bite" started a long time ago, while babysitting the next door neighbor boys. (Sorry, Donnabeth, but I made sure your kids didn't go hungry!) Peaches especially; those are tasty!

So when I feed Sophia her lunchtime meal I have to consider whether I plan to steal some of it so that I thaw the right amount. Yummy, two cubes thawed and not mixed with the veggies. Yucky, you can have it all, kid!

1 comment:

Beth said...

OK, this is hilarious.

And yes, I do it, too! At least I did with Ben. The thing I loved the most was YoBaby apple cinnamon yogurt. One time my father-in-law saw me eat it and I was embarrassed. But it is yummy!

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