Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to front . . . finally!

Alright, folks, the time is now. Sophia has finally mastered rolling over from her back to her tummy. I am SUPER happy about this because I am hoping her sleep will be a little less interrupted now. (Not because of being stressed over milestones because really who gives a crap as long as they have the basics down by the time they head out the door for college. Ha. That's a lie. Every parent stresses about their kid's milestones at some point. And I say you are lying if you say you never have.)

Ever since Sophia learned (months ago) to turn from belly to back, she has done it in her crib, usually at naptime. Now, I don't really care which position she sleeps in at this point, as long as she sleeps. Which is the problem with her turning over. Once she is on her back in her crib, she is like a little turtle, waving her arms and legs in the air, and occasionally slamming her legs down on the mattress, which is all very cute.


Once she is done being all happy and cute (which doesn't usually last long), then she turns on the waterworks. At which point I have to try to figure out if she is crying because (a) she doesn't want to be in bed taking a nap, (b) she is poopy, or (c) she has flipped over and can't get back on her tummy to sleep. And if I don't figure it out and go flip her back onto her tummy, she just won't sleep. And by the way, the cries for options a, b, and c all sound exactly alike, it's just that (c) lasts until it is resolved. Even if it were an hour. Or more. Because I have tried the Mean Mommy thing, and that little stinker can cry for the entire duration of her naptime if left on her back.

So my hope is this:

Now Sophia will realize that she can flip herself back over, and I will not have to be Supermommy anymore (because that was NOT working), but just have to discern between Unhappy-to-be-napping and I'm-poopy cries from here on out. Those two are tough enough to figure out on their own.

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