Monday, April 12, 2010


Here we are, back from our very first vacation as a family of three. We had a wonderful time visiting with friends (Thank you, Matt and Helene!!!), relaxing, and generally being very lazy. John got in some time at the driving range, and I went on two runs without the baby jogger and felt light as a feather without it.

And here is what I learned on vacation:

Your 8 month old baby is not going to sleep like she does at home, and it is not worth sweating it.

I spent the first two days stressing that she was not getting good naps and not going down easily at night like she does at home. Worrying = not productive, and not enjoyable. Helene tried to tell me that she just would not sleep quite the same (or at all the same!) as she usually does. But that she would settle back into her routine when we got home.

Helene, I think you may have been too diplomatic! You probably should have grabbed me by the shoulders and shaken me while saying it so that I would get it.

We arrived in Buffalo on Wednesday night, and it was not until I was out on my run on Saturday morning that I finally realized that me stressing was not doing any good. So I finally said "OK, God!" and let go of the sleep worries. Sophia did not sleep any better, but I really didn't care.

We got home tonight at 5:30 p.m. tonight, threw the kid (not literally) in the tub, nursed, and she was in bed at 6. She lay her head down, stuck her finger in her mouth, and I haven't heard a peep since. No re-settling once or twice over the next hour . . . just beautiful silence.

Have any other advice for me, Helene? I promise to listen this time!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you this story I heard my whole life my parents told me about when they took me on a trip when I was a baby/young toddler and I cried the entire weekend. They could not do anything to settle me. Then, upon returning home and seeing my bed, I immediately stopped crying and went to sleep. They predicted then that I would be a homebody - and they were right :) PS - Sophia, without great naps, was still absolutely adorable and a happy baby! I love her (and you too!).

Laurel said...

Too funny! That is so what she did . . . she practically dives into her bed now at naps and bedtime. And of course during waking hours wants to cuddle . . .

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