Friday, May 21, 2010

Living room re-do

I fell in love with our living room for its windows. NOT the lace curtains in said windows, or the strange blue-green color painted on the trim, and certainly not the bland cream color painted on the walls surrounding the windows.

I do love that they are huge, and let in tons of afternoon light, and that I have four in just a moderate sized space. That said, the following pictures illustrate the need for a makeover!



We moved in April 2009, and began the huge project that was the nursery. Because that was such a huge undertaking, we pretty much just chucked our furniture into the living room and called it good. Then there was the whole adjusting to having a baby that slowed up the decorating.




By September I was itching to do something to make the living room more ours. So I painted it. When people would ask what color, I hesitated to tell them, because I painted it purple. And it looks awesome, but when you say purple, they think Barney the dinosaur, not sophisticated and great. I thought about posting pictures, but other than paint, not much had changed. So I waited.

But now the wait is over, because my photo wall is complete, so here is the living room, one year later!




There are still things I would like to do, but now it's ours. I am blessed to have a husband who is cool with me painting the living room purple, or any other color that makes me happy. Now we sit and visit with friends, relax together, or play with Sophia in a much more finished living room.

Cost of the makeover? About $150! Paint, supplies, coffee table, photo wall, green painting, everything. Thanks to family for other furniture, curtain sheers, and accessories . . . thanks, Mom!


Kristin said...

Lovely! Funny to look back at the old pictures, I hadn't realized how much it had changed.

Earlybirdmom said...

It looks fabulous! Love seeing the before and after. =)

Beth said...

Wow! It looks great! I think the white trim looks fantastic, too. You are getting to be a pro at painting wood trim/baseboard, eh?

Nice job!

Melissa said...

You're the new design star! Seriously, very pretty...nice job!

Anonymous said...

L, it looks great. I'm impressed!

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