Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To work, or not to work . . .

Actually, that's not really the question.

The question is, how on earth do people work full-time and do everything else, like keep the house in any semblance of order, cook, pay bills, etc?

Monday and Tuesday I started orientation at St. Mary's, a hospital in Lewiston. I am going to be working a night (7 p.m. to 7 a.m.) a week, but some of orientation has to be done during the day. The orientation itself was a piece of cake, but wow, the work just to get there!

Mom watched Sophia, so I had to drop her off in the morning before heading in to work. St. Mary's is 2.5 miles or so from our house, but in order to get there on time Sophia and I headed out of the house at 7 a.m. A full HOUR before I needed to be to class. Class 2.5 miles away!

Never mind the getting up early to pack up her extra clothes, diapers, bottles, frozen breastmilk, monitor, toys, other food . . . the list goes on forever. I felt like I was packing for a week, and it was only two days.

I don't know how folks do it when they both work full time. We only had to do it for two days, and I am still playing major catch up around the house today. Of course, part of that is because by the time I picked Sophia up, got home, and John and I put her to bed, I was done. No more energy to cook, clean, or anything else. So we ate leftovers one night and eggs the next.

Wonderful to be home today, spend time with the Snuggler, putz around the house, get back to my routine. Definitely won't take being home for granted for a while!


The Frosts said...

I don't know how people do it! It's such a gift to be at home. But I'm also grateful that you have this opportunity to earn some $. You go momma!

Earlybirdmom said...

As you know, this mom worked four years part time (24-32 hours) a week. I worked the evening shift so you kids could be with your dad. It was exhausting and my "quality" time with my family suffered as my "quantity" time lessoned. My coming back home fulltime was definitely a gift from God.

You are energetic, organized and motivated by a goal, that when fulfilled, will let you and John raise your family unemcumbered by debt. I'm proud of you, honey!

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