Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another first!

Last Sunday John had to work, so Sophia and I visited Kristin and Ramsey's church and then had a quiet afternoon at home. Then John got home, and he had decided that we should dash out to Range Pond.

Off we went, John and Phia and me, to the beach for the first time with the Snuggler!

We pulled into the parking lot, and this is the sight that awaited us:


Sophia had stolen my book out of my bag somehow, and was "reading" on the way to the beach. Like mother, like daughter!


We settled in on our blanket, and all the while Little Miss was looking around at the new scenery. I wasn't sure she was too keen, but thought maybe she would like to go dip her feet into the water. After all, she loves her bath . . .

Mmm, that would be a no. No to the water, and no to sitting on the sand. Neither option is appreciated, thank you very much.

And with that, back to the blanket to recover by eating puffs. Because puffs make everything all better.


Phia may not have enjoyed her first time in the water, but she sure loved playing with Mommy and Daddy!


After a little more playtime, the Snuggler seemed to be interested in what was going on outside her little blanket area. Time for another try at a toe-dip in the water?


No, the verdict remains the same. She likes her blanket just fine, thank you very much. No need to go in the water.


Once mum and dad stopped trying to make the kid enjoy the water, all was well and the first trip to the beach was a resounding success.



Anonymous said...

"The kid" crack me up! This was adorable and so are you all...:o) Aunt Melissa

The Frosts said...

SO cute. and is that hat another one of your fantastic mom creations!?

Beth said...

So cute!!

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