Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The hutch do-over

Do you ever find that one project begats another project begats another project? Because that is where I find myself right now.

I have finally gotten around to a dining room makeover, and after much tossing and turning have a color chosen (thanks to my color consultant!) and material bought for curtains. These walls are not going to be painted in the next week, though, because of all the "stuff" I have to do first.

Part of the dining room re-do was to move the dish hutch into the kitchen. In order to have more room to move around while painting walls, I decided to do that first.

BUT the hutch needed to be painted, because the hideous fake wood covering more fake wood finally had me at my limit. So then to choose a color for that! I had plenty of white, and decided to give it a distressed finish with some crackle coat. White it would be.

Or not.

After priming, applying crackle coat, and half of the first coat of white I realized that I was going from hideous to hideous.

New paint color. Something that would really "pop" in the kitchen, which is mustard and white. After yet another trip to Home Depot, I had a new quart of paint, and determination to finish this darn thing as soon as possible.

Sanded off the crackle coat (good thing that bottle only cost $1.89), paint two coats, attach new pull knobs, done at 11:30 p.m. Friday night!

Saturday John was working, but I really really wanted to be done with it. How to get it into the kitchen?

I loaded that sucker onto a couple of bath towels and did my darndest not to put my back out, hauling it into the next room. I suppose I could have called over to my sister's for some help, but I didn't for whatever reason.

Long and short of it, here are the before and afters (I forgot to take a before prior to starting the primer, but you get the concept). Now I'm off to paint the bookshelf in the dining room. Perhaps the walls will get painted and curtains made after that . . .




The Frosts said...

And you're telling me you get nothing done!!! Ha I'll believe it when I see it. The hutch is awesome. I'm looking forward to the dining room. Have you noticed that NOTHING in my house has changed in a long time I'm lucky I got pictures up!

Beth said...

Oh wow, that looks GREAT! I wish we lived closer... it would be so fun to ride on the coattails of all your energy. And creativity. :)

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