Friday, July 23, 2010

Little reader

Sophia's mama loves to read. A perfect afternoon is one spent cuddled up in a cozy chair wrapped in a blanket with a good book and some chocolate while a storm rages outside. Rain pounding the windows while I am off in Egypt with Amelia Peobody or playing with Emily Byrd Starr a hundred years ago on Prince Edward Island . . . bliss!

By all appearances, the little Snuggler seems to be taking after her mama. My (four) faithful followers will remember seeing her sneak a peek at my book while on the way to the beach a month or so ago.

As you can see, she continues to love her books!


Mom and baby chilling out with their books at the beach . . .
a mystery for mama, Noah's Ark for Phia.


"Ooo, what are you reading?"

Notice Noah's Ark has been discarded, because whatever Mama is doing
is what the Munchkin wants to be doing. It's always more fun!
And I wouldn't have it any other way.


This morning I got home from work, and found "Go, Dog, Go" on top of the bookcase,with page 23 lying on top. Out of the book! Crumpled by my favorite little bambino's adorable dimpled hand. I am glad she is learning early to love books and if a few pages get torn out with her exuberant arm waving while "reading," so be it. Though, we'll see how happy I am about said "reading" and page tearing when I am writing a check at the library because she has been enjoying my books . . . might be a different story then. (Ha! Pun intentional.)

Read on, folks!


Anonymous said...

"go dog go" one of my favs! Super cute pics of you two!! What beach? Aunt Melissa

Beth said...

Ha ha, "Go Dog, Go!" is a favorite of ours, too. Fortunately for us, I can recite it from memory, so we could stand to lose page 23! Also we have it in board book version. :)

I LOVE the pic of her checking out your book!

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