Monday, July 5, 2010

New fun

Sophia has been learning to do new things at such a rapid rate, and it's so fun to watch. And sometimes, so funny I just laugh and shake my head. And then laugh some more!

This morning I walked into her room to find a naked baby sitting up in bed, diaper off, proud (defiant?!) expression on her tearstreaked face. Not only was her diaper off, but it was dry. Dry diaper says to me that this was not a recent diaper removal. No, this diaper must have come off first thing when I put her in bed, then she fell asleep in the buff.

First rate detective that I am, I noted another sign that said "I slept naked and loved it!" And that would be the large circle of dried urine on her sheet.

Now this is where things get a bit gross.

Sophia tends to be a bit constipated, and frequently poops small rabbit poop-like pellets. What did I find in the crib? Yep, pellets.

Now here's what I am just a little bit worried about.

What if the naked baby decided to have an early morning snack? Those things kind of look like chocolate puffs . . . so I am still figuring out if a call to the doctor's office is in order. Because really, when pellets appear there are usually more (and bigger ones!) than I found today.

Hmm. Enjoy thinking on that one, folks.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure they weren't chocolate puffs?? This reminds me of a story about Marcy or your mom...wasn't me of course...nap time and poopy (Aunt Melissa)

The Frosts said...

OH lets hope not!!!!! Oh momma!!!! half laughing half cringing!

Beth said...

Oh dear. Oh, sigh. Oh, Laurel!!

My word verification is "mania!"

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