Friday, March 18, 2011

Golf and pigtails and messiness

As some of you may know, John is an avid golfer. As long as being an avid golfer means you go about four times a year, plus a few to the driving range. Golf is an expensive sport!

You may also know, if you have been reading my blog, that we here in the Libby house are very eager for spring to come.

Not very surprising to me, then, when John came home from Wal-Mart with Sophia's very own golf club/ball/bag set! And all for the grand total of $5, a total steal for how much enjoyment she has gotten out of it. Especially considering we haven't even been outside with it yet!




Sophia searching for her lost golf ball for the very first time!

And now we must move from golf to pigtails.




I could have included many more pictures of pigtails, so count yourselves lucky to only be inflicted with three! We have done pigtails a few more times since that first time, and each time they stay in marginally longer. Someday they will last a whole hour!

Now on to the messiness!


Really? Is it necessary to wear your full yogurt bowl as a hat?!


Yes, Mama, it is.

Now this is not golf or pigtails or messiness, it's just silly Sophia. Little Miss Independent decided I was taking too long bringing her oatmeal in from the next room, so she was done with rolled up sleeves. Apparently she couldn't figure out how to get the right side unrolled without turning her onesie into a toga. Not the cutest picture ever, but I love the toga!



Joanna Spotts said...

Too Cute!

The Frosts said...

I knew the side shoulder would come back in...I'm trying to type a comment and Carson is not happy that he can not see Sophia when I'm typing!

W. Stauffer said...

This is off topic, but i just sent john an email offering you guys two tickets for a piano concert in Lewiston this Friday. I can bring em up if you are interested and can find a sitter.

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