Friday, May 6, 2011

Life in pictures

Alright, since I already gave in before, here is a (belated) belly picture from two weeks ago when I was 27 weeks.


Yay, onto the third trimester! Time is dwindling to get my "to-do" list done before baby arrives . . . said list keeps getting shorter and shorter, not because I am accomplishing anything, but because I am getting more realistic. Now I'll pretty much be happy if I can just get the baby quilt finished and stock the freezer with some food.

I'm not all about talking about Sophia's various health ailments on my blog, but had to include these pictures. She is so funny, she always calls her nebulizer her "treatment," and helps put the elastic around her head. See the train nebulizer? They were out of panda bears when we got hers.



Sophia had a bag of clothes from a friend sitting in the kitchen (for far too long, lazy mommy!), and one day she got into it, found the matching sneakers and swapped out the shoes she was already wearing to put these on. She was so proud, and so was I . . . got them on the right feet and fastened the velcro all by herself!


Miscellaneous fun with Sophia . . . she is our entertainment!




Sophia has her favorite corner of the kitchen where she takes her toys after breakfast and plays quietly (when I am very lucky!) while I eat breakfast. Although more often these days the play area is abandoned and a little midget follows me around the house asking "Walk? Outside?" instead.


Climbing . . . EVERYTHING!





And then once in a while when she climbs up she'll actually slide down, instead of going back down the stairs . . .


It just might . . .


take . . .


a minute . . .


Where does she get her adventuresome spirit from?


Sophia's Easter basket was "chalk" full of funsies rather than candy . . . the Snuggler and Dada put some of them to good use outside!




Thank God spring has sprung! We are loving being back outside, and if it were up to Sophia would spend 24 hours a day out and about on "walks." Methinks next week the ground will be dry enough to break out the new picnic blanket . . . more fun times a-comin'!

Keep those blog name suggestions coming . . . I do have a favorite name so far, but am going to take a little more time to think it over . . .

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Joanna Spotts said...

In the last pic, it almost looks like she is riding the horse!

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