Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Running . . .

no more for me.

This pregnant mama had an ultrasound at 28 weeks that showed baby head down. Yay!

Then a prenatal appointment a week later and baby was heads up. Boo.

Clearly all the gymnastics I have been feeling really are somersaults, as I had thought. Baby Libby will be headed to the Summer Olympics in 2028.

So I talked to my midwife. And in the interests of encouraging baby to go head down and stay that way this time around, I am going to cease and desist running and any other impact-y things, and increase my yoga and walking.

And I hope John survives this pregnancy, because the mean-pregnant-wife factor has increased exponentially since I stopped running just shy of 29 weeks. Yoga is great and all, but as any runner knows it is just not the same thing.

Here's what else is different about yoga. When you go for a run you can just throw your kid in the jogging stroller and go. When you attempt to do a yoga video with your 22-month old in the same vicinity you end up yelling a lot and saying things like:

"Stop stepping on my arm! I mean it, no more stepping on Mommy's arm!"
"I will get you a snack when this is over . . ."
"Don't touch the computer!"
(and 2 minutes later)
". . . if I get you some raisins will you play quietly and stop fussing?"
"Don't touch the computer!"
"Go play with dollie/puppy/teddy/tea set/little people/whatever else I can think of!"
"No, you may not jump on the furniture while Mommy does yoga . . . or ever!"

A forty minute video would be an hour and a half, if you actually paused it for each interruption. So when I say I am now doing more yoga and walking, what I actually mean is, I am doing prenatal yoga about once a week and walking three or four times a week. At least the walking is happening!

Today's walk was actually kind of a speed-walking trot in flipflops and totally non-workout clothes, or at least the way home was. Or as much of a speed-walking trot as it can be when in flip-flops. (FYI, not the most brilliant shoe choice when dealing with raging sciatica.) Sophia and I had to race the rain home as I had taken the camera along. Of course, then it didn't rain at all, but how could I know that it wouldn't when we were over a mile from home and thunderous looking clouds were rolling in?!

At any rate, I may not have made it to 32 weeks, which was my original goal, but I ran for longer than I did when pregnant with Sophia. 29 weeks vs. 25 (and if I remember right, that 25 might be a generous estimate). And if I can avoid a C-section this time as is our aim with a home birth, then I can start running again when I want to, rather than waiting a specified time per the doctor. I was craving going for a run at about 4 weeks post with Sophia, but it was forbidden. This time around, I'll run when I want to! And then John can have his pleasant wife back.


The Frosts said...

I love your cute family...cutie belly and can not wait to meet your little gymnast...Did you say she?

Beth said...

Ohhh, Laurel. I feel for you. You know you're doing the right thing, la la, but it still stinks. Big sigh.

29 weeks is pretty dang good, though! I am impressed!

Maybe you need to start lengthening Room Time to 40 minutes so that you can get a whole yoga session in. :)

Joanna Spotts said...

I walked almost everyday with Bradley even with the sciatica, you can do it!

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