Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pool time and a baby belly

Sophia has a little wading pool that has seen little use this summer due to the strange weather. Almost as soon as we brought it home from K-Mart the coldfront swept in and who needs a wading pool when it is 50 degrees? Please note, I am not complaining . . . while the rest of my household contemplated turning the heat on in June I reveled in a house that was a chilly 58 or 62. Ahhhhh!!! That's just how it is when you are an 8 month pregnant furnace of a person.

At any rate, this week we finally started using the wading pool again. And Sophia very much takes the "wading" part seriously. The only time she sits is when she slips and falls because the bottom is a little slippery. And then there is a quick gasp and an absolute rush to get back up and continue playing while standing. She's a tough cookie though . . . no crying.



(Yes, someone's bathing suit straps need taking up. After I finish the quilt! Or are there are any volunteers?!)




And, as promised in the post title:


35 weeks plus a couple days . . . baby is riding low this time around. Nanny says that means a boy, we'll see. Loves to bounce his/her head off my bladder, fun times! Much better to have a head bouncing on my bladder than stuck up in my ribs, though, so bounce away, kiddo.


Carrie said...

Love the bathing suit and shirt you're wearing - - both look familiar :)

Beth said...

You are looking great! I can't believe you don't have long to go. :) As for Soph's straps, maybe grab a length of yarn or something and just tie the two straps together in the back, making it look like an X - no sewing needed! It'll buy you some time... :)

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