Friday, June 24, 2011

Pine Point

When John and I lived in South Portland, we used to go to the beach all the time. Or at least we went a lot more than we do now that we live in Auburn. And by "the beach" I do not mean the lake, or the pond, but the ocean. Our spot of choice is Pine Point in Scarborough. Forget the crowds and noise of Old Orchard Beach, we like a more family-friendly environment, even from before we had a little Snuggler to think about.

Off we went with Sophia and some friends to the beach on Monday. So great to have John home on a weekday when the crowds have thinned. Sophia loved playing in the sand, and as it has been a year since we have been to the ocean it was so fun to see how much more she can do now! John got in his fix of game playing, from frisbee to hackysack to paddle ball. (Paddle ball got kind of intense, just ask Mr. Keith!) In the meantime, I soaked up the sun (safely, of course, with SPF 30 on board, thanks to Jen) and enjoyed visiting with friends.











Two things I really miss while pregnant . . . running and lying on my stomach. See the pile o' sand next to me? Meagan dug me a belly hole! She even made it the perfect size, neither too big nor too small. That's a true friend.


It was a full day at the beach, perfect weather, great food (my yearly fried dough!), and lots of kiddos running around having a great time. (Our boistrous group scared off the elderly Speedo wearing gentleman and his wife, for which I was grateful!) Can't wait for a repeat sometime soon before Baby Libby #2 arrives!

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