Friday, June 10, 2011

Turning, turning, turning

Two years ago at this time, John and I were doing everything we could to turn Baby #1. We knew from 28 weeks on or so that she was butt down. We tried moxibustion, the Webster chiropractic technique, a tilt table, going to the pool to turn somersaults, playing my ipod down low on my belly, an external version, ice packs to the top of my belly . . . I know there was more that I am forgetting . . . it was pretty much my full time job.

And it didn't work. The doctors even tried a final version when I had a spinal on board, but Sophia was a stubborn little peanut, and a C-section was the end of that story.

Fast forward to now. Pregnant with #2 I have been feeling super-paranoid about the potential of having another stubborn breech. Which is silly, really, because just now (34 weeks) and the next couple weeks is when the baby is supposed to settle into it's final head down position.

But I was so excited at 28 weeks when our one ultrasound showed Baby Libby head down. Yay!

And then so bummed when a week later bambino had flipped head up.

And I decided to be proactive in my attempts to get baby to turn head down. No more running, as discussed with my midwife, but what else to try at this point?

Keep in mind that I was only 29 weeks, so silly to even worry about it, but if you had my history you might be paranoid too.

My goal was to get baby to turn soon, and make it permanent, because with a kid running around I just don't have the time to do all that I did last time!

I knew that this kiddo likes to move, especially after I have just eaten. I never felt Sophia move so much, but this one is a regular gymnast. And I knew that the baby can move even better if I am relaxed, so wanted to combine those facts to get the answer.

So here it is, the Libby Method of Turning Babies, completely anecdotal and unproven by scientific study. What is it you ask? Perhaps a combination of the methods used last pregnancy?


Here's what you do (or what I did, and I am not recommending this!). Put kid #1 down for a nap. Then settle yourself in front of the toaster oven with a chopstick, glass of water, and bag of good quality marshmallows. Heat the toaster oven to broil, and toast a marshmallow until golden. Eat. Repeat with another 7 - 11 marshmallows. Drink water as needed so you can keep plugging away with the marshmallows.

When you are thoroughly sugared up and baby is starting to move from sugar buzz, head up to bed with hypnobirthing cd. Listen to half hour relaxation exercise while baby gyrates in your belly.

Repeat another two days, until you are convinced that baby has turned, or you just can't look at another marshmallow.

Then you just pray that your marshmallow binges haven't given you gestational diabetes and that you aren't growing a 13 pound baby now.

Scoff all you will, but Baby Libby was head down at my next appointment, and remains so now.

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Beth said...

Bahahaha! Great idea. I don't think I could eat that many marshmallows......... though, if I was VERY motivated, as in, if I wanted to avoid a C-section (!!), maybe!

Good work! :)

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