Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art wall progress

Sometimes I hear "How do you find the time?!" in regards to doing projects around the house.  The answer is, little bits here and there.  Jude is in a particularly clingy phase right now, so I snatch the moments that I can, usually nap time.

So remember what the art wall looked like yesterday?

Sideways pics, holes in the wall, and very dirty frames.

Just in case you don't believe me about the volume of holes . . .

I had a definite idea of where I wanted to go with the glass frames . . .

The black paper that had previously been behind the B&W photos was so sun-lightened it was a horrible brown.  This time around I wanted some sort of fabric behind color photos.  Perhaps a white or other light fabric.  I found some fabulous shirting in my fabric stash, white with a slim blue stripe.  Ironed, cut, placed behind my chosen photo, put it back up on the wall . . .

UGH!!!  Hated it.  Too little contrast.  Looks like some sort of 1970's mistake.  SO blah.  What else could I try?

How about a little bit of the 31 yards of burlap I have from my curtain debacle?  That would add some texture and contrast.

I completed that part of the project first, and then during nap time did the boring stuff.  Finalized frame placement (i.e. made more holes), filled holes, repainted lower wall trim that was still stained from a long-ago coffee spill (thanks, Jude), cleaned lots of pencil marks off the wall (also courtesy of Jude . . . thank God for white erase sponges!), and finally painted over the filled holes and re-hung the art.

STILL not done.  I need to rotate out the old B&W photos of Sophia as a baby and do something with the picture of the Eiffel Tower, which I chose for the frame.  Not sure what I am going to put in it, so that will be a project for another day.  Stay tuned!  (And check out how CLEAN the little house needlepoint is now!  Ok, so maybe you can't tell, but I can.)

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