Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The basement project is done!

When we moved into our house last April, most of the house got nicely organized. Still a work in progress as we add our personality in and do some painting and decorating, but for the most part I am pleased with how things look. The basement, however, had very quickly turned into a disorganized catch-all. Especially with the holidays and my sister's wedding! I kept saying to myself, "I'll get to it after Christmas, I'll do a big clean out and re-organize." So here's the before, yikes!

The last week or so I have been tackling the basement in little bits of time, during Sophia's naps and after she goes to bed.

Now John has a workspace. Though with only a tool chest and no saw or other big tools I'm not sure how much he can do down there!

When I moved all of our stored items (in boxes) to the opposite side of the basement, they became much more accessible for when I need to get into them. Half of those boxes are filled with books, so I am looking forward to having some bookcases to put them in, upstairs in the dining room.

Here I finally have a little pantry, so I don't have to pack everything into the kitchen with the limited cabinet space.

I had put all of our "off-season" clothes in the general storage area, then kept getting so frustrated digging thru everything to find it again. Finally thought to put clothes by the washer; there is a little niche that fits the bins perfectly.

The space to the right of the dryer has my craft supplies stored there, and now I know where they all are! I just need a folding table so I can get my craft on . . .

So now I am done, and my type A self can get back to the fun things, like my photo wall project for the living room!


Wendy said...

Great job! You're a wonderful organizer.

The Frosts said... you can start your organize it blog spot!

Laurel said...

Ha! One blog is all I can handle, so all of my organizing will have to be here . . . it's a mish-mash blog!

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