Thursday, January 21, 2010

The thumb

I have always been a little bit nervous about cutting Sophia's fingernails.  I have tried using an emory board, baby nail scissors, and clippers, and the latter seems to be the least traumatizing.  (Quickest, so we avoid a meltdown.)  Today, however, the event that I feared finally happened.  I had finished trimming her left fingernails, and was just starting on her right when I managed to take a good chunk out of the tip of her thumb.  For a little tiny thumb, that sucker bled like a head wound!  Of course, Sophia was screaming, I was looking for something to staunch the wound while calming her down and trying not to get  blood all over her.  She did calm down quickly (faster than I would have!), but then I had to hold pressure.  Have you ever tried to hold pressure on an almost 6 month old tiny little thumb?  When she just wants to put it in her mouth?  After that came the fun of adapting a bandaid.  I'm pretty proud of my job there, as it seems to actually be staying on.  What I am not going to do today?  Finish trimming her right fingernails.  That is a job for another day!


Betsy said...

Oh what a picture, I guess she forgives you...sweet.

Wendy said...

Daddy and I both had the same response...we yelped when we read that you clipped into her little thumby!

And yes, I seem to remember trying to hold your hand under ice water for twenty minutes when you plopped your pudgy little left hand into the steaming hot bowl of cream of wheat I was holding!!! Sick to my stomach and frantic was how I felt =(
Poor both of you!


Wendy said...

Oweee! That is so sad!

If Grampy was there he would kiss that little thumby and that would just make everything Oh so much better.

Sleep well my little Sophia.


Megan Shorey said...

You did a masterful job with the wound care :)

HJP said...

Hey girl,
I always did Jackson's fingernails when he was sleeping. (with clippers) Easy peasy. Now that he's older, I clip 'em when he's watching a "baby show" (his term :), and then he too distracted to move...
Have a great day!
Heather P.

Laurel said...

Ha! I tried the sleeping thing when she was little . . . not happy times. Sophia is what John and I call a "touchy" baby (thanks, Baby Whisperer). Nowadays she is much easier to do, just trimmed nails yesterday and she pretty much cooperated. I'm going to have to try the distraction technique pretty soon, she is starting to want to do it herself!
Hope you are feeling well, Heather!

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