Saturday, January 30, 2010

Food, glorious food!

Now that Sophia is starting to eat "big people" food, I have been having fun making her a whole variety of purees. I do realize that making purees is not something that most people normally put on their "fun to do" list, but look how pretty the different colors are! At any rate, when I have made her a batch of food I feel that I have accomplished something. So far I have made peas, spinach (the two latest, and the ones in the pic above), green beans, applesauce, prunes, carrot, and sweet potato.

The food processor I use may be little, but it gets the job done, and done well. This latest batch of peas and spinach only took me about 10 minutes. Blanch the spinach, use slotted spoon to get it out of the water, then boil peas in that water. Puree spinach while peas cook, then rinse processor and puree peas. Pop it in the ice cube trays, saran wrap, put in freezer. The next day I put the cubes in labeled bags, and all done! Now Sophia has food for the next two weeks.

P.S. Mom, I hope you got the reference from the post title, I named it that for you . . .


Beth said...

Were you able to get the peas nice and smooth? I never could with Ben. I bought a few jars of peas for Matt, but I already have a freezer full of sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and cauliflower! (Helps that I'm doing Deceptively Delicious with Ben...)

Also, I read in DD that sometimes the water you boil/steam veggies in can become bitter, so you might want to change your water after cooking the veggies. I guess it especially applies to the darker green ones. But, so long as Soph's not turning up her nose, I guess it doesn't matter.

Nice work!

Laurel said...

I got the peas pretty smooth, but I'm ok with a little bit of chunkage. I was reading that it is good for them to get used to it, and she seems to like it. Thanks for the heads up on the bitter water! Actually, I bet the spinach probably does that, but I blanched it pretty quickly so maybe that is why she is ok eating the peas?

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