Sunday, January 31, 2010

Naptime according to Sophia

I had no idea how much having a kid would make me laugh. Life with a baby is just so stinkin' funny! I suppose I am biased, but here's the latest example.

We got home from church, and I fed Sophia a little lunch of pureed peas and carrots, which she gobbled down. We then headed upstairs for her naptime routine: diaper change, nurse, and into bed. That all went smoothly enough, and I came back downstairs to eat my own lunch. John and I then heard about half an hour of intermittent "talking," followed by silence.

Fast-forward 30 more minutes or so.

Crying is heard over the monitor. Not "my arm has just been pulled off," just "I'm cranky and need a nap but don't want one." I leave her for half an hour of this intermittent fussiness. Finally take pity on the kid and head upstairs.

I walk in the room and see that she is about two feet away from where I put her down for her nap. Strange. Then I get closer to the crib, and see that there is quite a large amount of carrot orange spit-up where her head had been, and she had scooted all the way to the bottom of the crib. Not sure how she managed that, but smart kid, huh? At this point I am already cracking up.

I get still closer and then I smell her. Not good. So we go for a diaper change. No wonder she couldn't sleep! We get a new diaper on, amidst lots of very cute kicking and gurgling (and smiles!) which make me laugh all the more.

Now I figure I'll feed her a little more before I put her back down. Not so. (This might be TMI coming up.) She has decided that it would be more fun to hum and blow raspberries than actually nurse. Now I have given up on trying to hide my laughter, and just put the kid back to bed. And don't worry, her head is now where her feet were, so no carrot spit-up in her face.

A bit more of the cute noises and a couple whimpers, now back to sleep.

Nothing earth-shattering, and I'm sure that she is much funnier to me and John than anyone else, but I just had to share.

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