Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All things baby

Today's post is topic #1, cute baby. Sophia has been moving around more and more, and as many of you know, she started pulling herself to stand while we were on vacation. While she won't do it to command (Of course not, when I want to show off how big she is she refuses!) I can catch a view of this new skill many times a day.


What a big girl!

Of course, when she gets tired she has to figure out how to get down, and my favorite method is the split. Those little legs get further and further apart, and then she seems to think that she is still too high off the ground to sit and she starts to frantically clutch at the couch.


Look closely and you can see that she is even trying to hold on with her toes! And just so ya'll (You're contagious, Carrie!) don't think I am a mean mama, I'm pretty sure I rescued her when I was done taking pictures.

Another first:


Of course, it's still hard work to keep that barrette in, but cute, huh?

Yesterday after nap was picnic time. Sophia and I headed out to the yard with a blanket, banana, yogurt, and graham crackers. The graham crackers were the big hit, once she saw those the banana and yogurt weren't very exciting.




I love this cute little (big) cloth diaper bum!

This last picture isn't great quality itself, but what it captures is priceless. Sophia is such a quiet, stoic, somber baby when we are out and about, but this proves it: she laughs! John caught her mid-laugh, what a beautiful moment . . .



Beth said...

Awww. Very cute. I love the ways little ones figure out how to get themselves out of a "mess." Matt just screeches and then plops himself (pretty firmly!) to the floor, and then he's off! Ben would be more likely to do what Soph does. :) The "split" kills me!

And I love the laughing picture, too! We used to get constant comments about Ben: "He's SO SOBER. Does he even smile?" Makes you sort of want to slug someone, eh? :) She is a doll, and I'm so happy for you that you are enjoying her so much!

Beth said...

Oh! In a quick re-read, I noticed that the blanket she's sitting on is of the t-shirt variety! Woo hoo! I am just finishing up my first t-shirt quilt. :)

Earlybirdmom said...

Awesome post...what an adorable baby!

That photo of Sophia doing the split would make a great motivational poster. Have a contest! Note: "Hang in there, baby." will not win!

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