Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bag time

A friend loaned me an Amy Butler bag pattern book around Christmas time, and I finally got around to making one.  Amy Butler is a "designer known for her sophisticated yet relaxed modern approach to printed fabric and other products for sewing, fashion, home, and craft."  I LOVE her designs.  Fortunately, getting ahold of this book had coincided with my receiving a Joann's gift card, so last week I finally went off to buy some fabric to make a bag.

I decided to make the "Cosmo" shoulder bag, and found some fabulous blue and green modern fabric that  I loved . . . it isn't actually Amy Butler fabric, but it still worked perfectly.  And instead of covering a button with fabric I found a big jazzy shimmery one that popped, and really finished the bag well.

I couldn't be more pleased with how the bag turned out . . . it was one of the more technically difficult things I've made in a while.  I am looking forward to working my way thru some more of the patterns to increase my sewing skills.  In the meanwhile, this one has already become my library/outing/everything-else-under-the-sun bag.

Here you go!



This picture doesn't really do justice to the modern bling of the button, but trust me, it's perfect!


I LOVE all the pockets, two on each end on the outside . . .


. . . and four on the inside!

Now, I haven't done a drawing in a while, but if I get to 50 followers by the end of May, I will do a drawing for an Amy Butler "Origami" bag made by yours truly on June 1st!  Those of you who are followers of my blog, tell your friends, and those of you who aren't . . . sign up!  All of my followers will be entered in the drawing.  I will post pics of the bag as soon as I finish it.  Good luck!

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Janeen said...

You are really talented! The bag is awesome!

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